Back in Time for Learning at Talbot Heath

Back in Time for Learning at Talbot Heath

28 February 2018

As part of the topic ‘Houses and Homes’ Talbot Heath Year 2 enjoyed a stately day out at Kingston Lacy estate near Wimborne Minster recently. Year 6 also went back in time this week and took part in the Evacuee Experience at the Nothe Fort in Weymouth.

Year 2 toured the house and learnt about the Bankes family who used to live there. The children were fascinated by the artwork on the walls and asked lots of questions about the portraits. They also tried to imagine living the well-known National Trust property over three hundred years ago, especially without electricity and running water. The servants’ quarters and the old kitchens were also explored before ending the visit with a walk through the grounds to admire the abundance of snowdrops and daffodils in the gardens.


Year 6 time travelled to Nothe Fort, to take part in the Evacuee Experience, where they dressed as children from 1940, complete with their own gas masks and identity cards. When the girls arrived at Nothe Fort their identity cards were checked by the guards before congregating in the village hall. They enjoyed taking part in five different workshops to learn about the following: Clothes Rations, Air Raid, Washing, School and Shopping – which included acting out a visit to their local shop and buying produce.

A key experience was when an air raid siren was sounded and the evacuees were ushered into a shelter that was being bombed. The girls also learnt about food and clothes rations, as well as ‘Monday’ wash day, they then experienced a lesson at school with a very strict Headmaster!

This was the start of a topic on WWII which is currently being covered in Year 6 English and humanities lessons.

Two fantastic days out were had by all involved to introduce these new topics.

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