Cobham Hall donates to Little Princess Trust

Cobham Hall donates to Little Princess Trust

9 February 2018

This term, eleven girls and staff from Cobham Hall were presented with certificates from the Little Princess Trust for donating their hair.

Spanish teacher and Round Square Representative Miss Jessica Caro Quintana, who saw a leaflet in a hairdressing salon back in September, set the challenge. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the challenge would become deeply meaningful. Her sister, Aida, also a former teacher at the school, was later diagnosed with a brain tumour and subsequently shaved her head for surgery, donating her hair too.

Girls from across the school took part, from Year 8 through to Year 13, and beyond, with an alumnae, Ming O’Neill-Byrne also contributing after hearing about the challenge through her sister.

In addition to donating lengths of hair, the School also donated the sum of £500, which covers the cost of making one wig. Miss Caro Quintana expects more girls to participate, with many planning to grow their hair longer to be able to contribute the required length.

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