Prep pupils think positively at Manchester High School

Prep pupils think positively at Manchester High School

12 February 2018

The pupils, who are all just four or five years old, have only completed one full term at MHSG; one of the North West’s leading independent schools for girls. While settling in and getting used to a totally new environment could prove a daunting task for anyone, the myHappymind programme has been used to help pupils quickly find their feet and understand that feelings, such as nervousness and anxiety, are totally normal for everyone.

The programme aims to build resilient, balanced and ultimately happy minds. Pupils are introduced to characters such as Bertie and Betty Brain and learn how to use ‘happy breathing’ techniques to aid relaxation.

Laura Earnshaw, founder of the myHappymind programme, commented: “The programme seeks to teach children how their brains work and give them the tools to stay balanced in what could be stressful situations. It encourages pupils to understand their own character and be able to identify their strengths. This has a clear impact on levels of self-confidence and self-belief, the importance of which can’t be underestimated when it comes to creating a generation of children who know how to manage their own mental wellbeing and to feel good about themselves.”

Helen Mortimer, Head of the Preparatory Department at Manchester High School for Girls, said: “The programme has been incredibly successful and our Reception class are calm, at ease with themselves and brimming with confidence. It’s wonderful to watch and creates the perfect learning environment.”

The programme has also proved beneficial for parents outside of the classroom, as Helen Mortimer explains: “Happy breathing sees the girls using teddies, bubbles and feather to discover different breathing and relaxation techniques to settle down, something that mums and dads have reported as really helping them out when it comes to bedtime!”

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