A Week of Wizardry at Derby High Primary

A Week of Wizardry at Derby High Primary

1 March 2018

On the first day everyone dressed up, including teachers, and throughout the rest of the week pupils enjoyed making fizzing potions, measuring wands and liquids, writing poetry, painting and drawing.

Jane Swainston, Key Stage Two co-ordinator at Derby High Primary, said: “It was a totally immersive week for the pupils and the activities related to different subject areas such as Science, Maths, Art and literacy.

“It was completely cross-curricular and it was about collaborative learning too as all different age groups worked together. It was about developing their thinking as well.

“They loved it and it really spurred them on to be inspired. It was great to be able to focus on this for a whole week; it’s a different way of learning which is all about seeing that little spark in the children and their excitement about learning.”

Michelle Hannaford, Head of Derby High Primary, said the Wizardry Week was a great success.  She said: “The wizardry day launching the week captured pupils’ imaginations and inspired learning beyond the normal restraints of the classroom.”

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