Cobham Hall Climbs to New Heights

Cobham Hall Climbs to New Heights

12 March 2018

As the snow fell fast last week, many of our day girls and staff were unable to get in. As a result, a programme of activities was established for Boarders, alongside lessons that were able to go ahead – including one that saw a student joining in from home via Skype. Girls had the chance to try out their new climbing wall. 

Installed earlier this term, Cobham Hall‘s Sports Hall gained a Freedom Climber.  The Freedom Climber is a combination of rotating and tranverse climbing walls, which replicate a realistic climbing experience with all the physiological benefits of continuous climbing but in a safe, low-level environment.

The School’s Parent-Teacher Association, Unicorn, sourced and funded the wall. The Unicorn Association hold regular fundraising events, such as raffles, seasonal events, quiz nights and themed Balls for Parents, Staff, Elders and Pupils throughout the school year for the benefit of the school community.

Chairman of the Unicorn Association, Mrs Miranda Tubb said, “The Unicorn Association feels it is important to fund projects that all the girls can enjoy.  The Freedom Climber is an excellent way for the girls to either have fun, or use during PE lessons.”

Cobham Hall’s Head of PE, Mrs Kelli Hooper, welcomed the wall: “We’re thrilled and grateful to the Unicorn Association for the new Freedom Climber. Fitness at Cobham Hall is always at the forefront of our minds, and we try to ensure that we concentrate on whole body conditioning and fitness. The new climbing wall will be an excellent asset. Not only is it enjoyable, climbing is great for improving muscular strength and endurance, coordination, boosting brain function as well as reducing stress.”

Nine revolutions on the rotating wall is the equivalent of climbing 51m – the height of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square! For the more adventurous, 224 revolutions would take them to the summit of Ben Nevis, whilst 1475 revolutions is the number needed to climb the height of Mount Everest!




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