Kingsley Promises to go Beyond WWF’s Earth Hour

Kingsley Promises to go Beyond WWF’s Earth Hour

15 March 2018

The Kingsley School is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour, which takes place on Saturday 24 March this year, by asking its pupils to make their own promises to protect the planet.  The school is also planting a copse of 30 Woodland Trust trees on its playing fields in order to increase biodiversity and to improve its popular Forest School programme.

Earth hour is marked by famous landmarks and people going ‘lights out’ for 60 minutes, but millions of people across the world will be inspired to take further steps beyond Earth Hour and make a promise to protect our home.

By supporting Earth Hour, The Kingsley School will play a vital role in achieving a more sustainable world by showing its pupils the effects of climate change and the things that they can change in their everyday lives to make a difference.  In the lead up to WWF’s Earth Hour, pupils at The Kingsley Preparatory School will also be making an Earth Hour ‘promise tree’, with each pupil contributing a promise leaf, on which they will write their own personal pledge to do something to live more sustainably. Kingsley’s Forest School pupils will help to plant 30 new trees to create a new copse on their playing fields using Woodland Trust trees and the whole school will be taking part in its own Earth Hour during the school day.

Head of the Preparatory School, Rachel Whiting, explained: “Young people want to understand the issues our planet is currently facing and the ways in which we can all contribute to protecting it. That’s why we are taking part in WWF’s Earth Hour and building our pupils’ understanding of climate change and the importance of living sustainably. By encouraging each of them to make a promise to the planet, we hope that pupils will strengthen their connection with the world around them and consider ways in which they can personally take action and give our world a brighter future.”

Cherry Duggan, Head of Schools and Youth at WWF-UK, said: “We’re currently facing some of the biggest environmental challenges our generation has ever seen. Earth Hour is a great opportunity for young people to learn that everything we do affects the planet we share and shows what we can achieve when we all come together. We want to empower young people to shape the future of our home, so it is fantastic that The Kingsley School has decided to get involved and we hope it inspires others to do the same.”

WWF’s Earth Hour has become a global phenomenon with millions of individuals coming together to celebrate our planet and promise to protect it. Last year in the UK over 9 million people took part, along with over 6,000 schools, 300 landmarks and thousands of businesses and organisations. Iconic landmarks included Big Ben and Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Blackpool Tower, The Kelpies, Brighton Pier and Cardiff Castle.


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