Badminton Junior School Early Years have been awarded ‘The Bristol Standard’

Badminton Junior School Early Years have been awarded ‘The Bristol Standard’

23 April 2018

After spending a year engaging in an in-depth assessment of their Early Years provision, learning environment, strategic aims and partnerships as well as receiving a number of visits from an appointed mentor, Badminton Junior School have been awarded ‘The Bristol Standard’.

The Bristol Standard is nationally recognised as an outstanding self-evaluation framework that helps Early Years settings and practitioners to develop and improve the quality and effectiveness of their provision through an annual cycle of reflection. The process puts children at the heart of the assessment as organisations are asked to consider how every aspect of their provision benefits them and their development. The framework has been organised into ten dimensions allowing establishments to carefully evaluate each area.

The process provided Badminton Junior School with an opportunity to reflect on the true value of their work and the impact it has on girls in their care and their families. To achieve the award, the School were encouraged to ask themselves why they do what they do, what makes Badminton a great place to learn, what they are proud of and their future aspirations. Every aspect of School life was assessed and documented, from leadership down to the physical environment, with clear targets set. A comprehensive portfolio of evidence and commentary arising from the assessment was then submitted to an independent panel.

Mrs Jones, Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator at Badminton Junior School commented; “We are delighted to have achieved ‘The Bristol Standard’ again this year. At Badminton Junior School, we are committed to continually improving our Early Years provision through active and on-going self-assessment and it truly is wonderful to receive the recognition which reflects the hard work of all of our staff”.

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