The Kingsley School Girls Explore The Tales of Matilda

The Kingsley School Girls Explore The Tales of Matilda

9 April 2018

A cast of Year 7, 8 and 9 girls at The Kingsley School in Leamington Spa staged a highly creative physical performance based on Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’.

Across two evenings ‘Tales of Matilda’ explored key moments and themes of the famous children’s story; resilience, self-belief and inspiration. Matilda, a young girl neglected by her parents, finds a kindred spirit in her teacher Miss Honey and helps her to stand up to Mrs Trunchball. The performance was set in a World War 2 era environment with the school children characters representing evacuees.

The creative process was based on the practices of theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht and the values of ‘Ensemble Theatre’, a collaborative approach in which everyone can share ideas and take ownership of the story-telling process.

The girls rose to the challenge of performing in this way, as well as being surrounded on four sides by the audience in an engaging and moving production.

All the cast benefited from the experience of working with freelance director (and teacher), Tracie Farren, who said, “The girls have shared their own ideas, creatively experimented and developed their own confidence in collaboration and performance. I am very proud of what they have all achieved in ‘Tales of Matilda’ and look forward to seeing them develop further in the future.”


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