Cobham Hall Girls Escape from Dungeon

Cobham Hall Girls Escape from Dungeon

25 May 2018

This term, three Sixth Form pupils at Cobham Hall used the School’s historic buildings as the setting for a school project.  Catherine Broadhurst, Lana Bakr and Jana Bakr created an ‘Escape Room’ in the dungeon. Escape Rooms have been growing in popularity around the country, and having completed one in Year 11 and been awed by the ingenuity and overall experience, Catherine felt it would make an ideal school project. “Our main focus,” she explained, “was to give back to our school by giving the staff and students a fun experience.”

Catherine, Lana and Jana spent months planning the game; from a survey emailed to staff and students to gauge opinion, through developing a believable storyline – the murder of the Prime Minister’s daughter by a Mafia boss – to details such as crafting love letters, bank statements and bills and finally, decorating a room in the dungeon as an office.

Several teams of students and staff, including our Senior Leadership Team, booked a slot to take part. The fastest team was three Year 13 girls, who completed it in 15 minutes.  Teacher Miss Lambert commented after she completed the room, “I have done three professional Escape Rooms, and this was by far the best. I know the girls have put months of preparation into it and they have done such a good job.  It also is the best project I’ve seen in the time I have been at Cobham Hall.”

Reflecting afterwards, the girls said, “After every session, we felt so fulfilled and proud. The responses we received truly made the experience worthwhile and deserving of its challenges. This project allowed us to try something we’ve never done before, and all the skills, experiences and memories we gained contributed to its success.  The students and staff loved it and it was wonderful to give the members of our school a unique experience.”

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