GSA Head says students are fascinated with meaning and big questions

GSA Head and theology graduate Helen Jeys has said that 24-hour news and constant social media is exposing young people to issues and concerns that older people were not faced with during their teenage years, but that students are “fascinated with meaning and big questions”.

In an interview with Independent School Parent magazine, the Alderley Edge School for Girls Head continues:
Being given the opportunity to discuss big issues like the reality of evil, nature versus nurture and questions surrounding political philosophy are of huge interest to young students. Furthermore, with increasing medical capabilities, issues surrounding ethics, the nature of the human [soul] and so forth are hugely relevant. However these subjects might not give you the answers to that thirst for contentment! I think it is important to encourage young people to find that contentment and escape from the stresses life can throw at us, through sport, drama, dance, music, yoga, mindfulness and so on. This is why a holistic approach to education is so vital.

Read the full interview here.

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