First ever Royal School Laureate announced

First ever Royal School Laureate announced

19 June 2018

Mrs Linda Gilbert, Head of English and Media, said, “I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Suzy (Year 9) as The Royal School Laureate. This is a new position which will see Suzy working closely with the English Department to compose commemorative and celebratory poetry over the coming academic year. Suzy lives and breathes English and we know how lucky we are to be able to work with her and to showcase her poetic talents. I hope you enjoy reading her poem about hay fever as much as we did!”

A Saunter with Hay Fever
By Suzy
The dewy grass tickles my feet,
Making me flinch and whine,
As the birds chirp in discord,
I glare at the creaking pine
The brook babbles incessantly,
Making my stomach churn,
I utter words of malice,
At the blindingly vivid fern
Pollen is trying to throttle me,
My coughs and splutters a plea-
Leaves rustle, irksome, in my face;
Bees follow me like a target, my walk becomes a race.
When I emerge from this ‘saunter’,
My skin will be scarlet from sun
My throat tired from coughing,
And I have enjoyed it none.

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