Global educators hear how GSA Head is re-modelling STEM into STEAM

Global educators hear how GSA Head is re-modelling STEM into STEAM

19 June 2018

GSA Head Angharad Holloway (Talbot Heath School) has been speaking to educators of girls from across the world about how her school has been re-modelling STEM into STEAM.

At the Global Forum on Girls’ Education in Washington DC this week, Mrs Holloway told delegates how she was tasked by her school’s governing body to devise a ground-breaking educational model that will prepare young people for 2050. Having looked at the best models of practice globally, analysed the changing socio-economic patterns and studied reports by the CBI, she has created an educational model that would change how young people learn from 3-18.

The new model integrates design thinking, material science, digital proficiency, problem solving and ethics into the curriculum at every age,” said Mrs Holloway. “The aim is to develop in young people an understanding of the link between design, function, sustainability and purpose.

Mrs Holloway said:

“Our model, delivered through a state-of-the-art STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) HUB, equipped with augmented reality, holographic, design, drama, art, robotics, electronics and textiles studios, will engender in students an ability to fashion, iterate and realise their ideas across all disciplines.

“Pupils will learn to approach tasks from an interdisciplinary perspective, appreciating that there is only one body of knowledge that underpins all understanding. Artificial boundaries between subjects will be broken down, allowing learners to draw on their breadth of experience.”

The new approach will incorporate expertise from teachers, university staff and industry experts. Together they will replace the self-imposed divisions between subject areas with a coherent framework that offers learners direct input from those working at the cutting edge of fields.

Mrs Holloway was speaking at the Global Forum on Girls’ Education which is supported by a unique partnership of international educators committed to the best education for girls throughout the world. Led by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools in the US, they include UK Heads from the Girls’ Schools Association, the Association of State Girls’ Schools and the Girls’ Day School Trust. There are 16 partners altogether and around 800 delegates from 20 countries across six continents including the US, Argentina, Colombia, UK, Tanzania, New Zealand and the Philippines. Keynote speakers include Lt-Col Lucy Giles, whose attendance is sponsored by the Girls’ Schools Association, and tennis legend Billie Jean King.

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