Industry Experts Inspire A New Generation of Kingsley Pupils

Industry Experts Inspire A New Generation of Kingsley Pupils

14 June 2018

Year 7 girls at The Kingsley School in Leamington Spa participated in an interesting and novel way of finding out more about future career possibilities by interviewing a panel of mystery visitors about their fields of work.

The ‘Guess My Job’ careers event demonstrated excellent communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills – all very important in the world of work – and inspired the young pupils to begin thinking about careers prospects and the exciting opportunities available after school.

Amongst the diverse range of visitors, which included some of Kingsley’s alumnae, were a lawyer, an architect, an archaeologist, a TV presenter and DJ, a doctor, a marketeer and a vet, who had kindly volunteered to visit the school to participate in the event.

Kingsley’s Careers Coordinator, Mrs Sarah Bennett, said: “This event is a brilliant opportunity to inspire our younger girls and open their eyes to some of the exciting careers in the world. Encouraging thought and experiences around careers at an early age is something that is important to us, and events such as this help to encourage and build awareness for the future.”

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