Prior’s Field triumph in Festival of Chemistry

Prior’s Field triumph in Festival of Chemistry

27 June 2018

The four Second Formers attended the hotly contested scientific event with Head of Chemistry, and previous finalist in the Salters’ Chemistry Teacher of the Year, Dr. Macdonald Smith.

The contest was fierce as the chemistry teams competed in problem solving, practical and fun challenges that tested their scientific expertise. In one challenge they transformed into chemical forensic analysts in order to capture a trophy thief. The girls triumphed in the afternoon’s University Challenge when they successfully produced the correct chemical proportions for the Universal Indicator in only 20 minutes, which was astoundingly speedy given that the time limit was one hour and fifteen minutes. Their enterprising strategy of team work and excellent scientific knowledge enabled them to excel at this challenge, beating other teams by a significant time gap.

Head of Chemistry Dr. Macdonald Smith commented, “The girls’ approach and excellent standard of chemistry knowledge were pertinent to their success. The Salters’ Festival is hotly contested and we are very proud to be crowned winners again, having won before in 2011. Not only were the challenges an excellent test of the girls’ scientific acumen, they also had enormous fun taking part in the challenges and an explosive workshop!”

The Prior’s Field winners were delighted with their prize of small molecular modelling kits for themselves and a larger one for the school, so they can share their love of science with their classmates.

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