Top tips on Twitter from Director of Planning for Sixth Formers

Top tips on Twitter from Director of Planning for Sixth Formers

11 June 2018

The Sixth Form at Portsmouth High School, GDST, were delighted to hear from Director of Planning for the social media platform, Twitter, Mr David Wilding. 

David spoke to the girls about the power of Twitter which currently has 340 million monthly active users globally.  

‘Twitter is about what is happening,’ he said.  ‘It is different from Facebook because you don’t have to talk about yourself.  You can be a Twitter user and follow and see what is happening in the world. 

‘It’s about people who don’t necessarily know each other coming together and being able to create a movement.  It can be very empowering and a good tool to make the world a better place.’ 

He spoke about the various hashtags that have recently exploded on social media including the #metoo and #hometovote movements.  He mentioned the lighter side of Twitter too including the current Love Island ITV2 programme. 

‘People who get the best out of Twitter use its serious side and on a light-hearted side too – just as we, as human beings, have many sides to us.’ 

David gave the girls three top tips: 

‘Be interested, be nice and be kind to yourself,’ he said.  ‘But always remember to stay safe online.’ 

Deputy Head Girl, Francesca McBride, 17, said: 

‘I was fascinated by this morning’s engaging and informative talk about Twitter, its policies and its future as a social media platform. The discussion of who decides what constitutes online abuse particularly highlighted the need for a balance with absolute free speech and protection of minority groups.’ 

Head of Sixth Form, Mr John Paget-Tomlinson, added: 

‘It is vitally important that the girls here, alongside academic study, have access to a range of speakers who can give different insights into careers, technology and a broad understanding of the wider world.’

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