Work Experience Overseas for Derby High School student

Work Experience Overseas for Derby High School student

14 June 2018

A Derby High School student spent her work experience teaching for two weeks at a school in China.

Naiya Ghuman, 15, organised her stay through a family connection with EtonHouse International School in Dynatown.

Pupils who attend the school are aged between two and, six and as well as speaking English, they have hour-long Mandarin lessons each day.

During her time at EtonHouse, Naiya read to the children, helped them with counting, supported arts and craft classes and took part in Mandarin and music classes.

She said: “By doing work experience abroad, it took me out of my comfort zone, as well as introducing me into new cultures, languages and contacts for the future. Furthermore, it widened my understanding of all of the possible opportunities in foreign countries and how with dedication and determination you can achieve what you want.

“The most memorable moments for me were at the beginning on my first day, not many of the children would interact with me and were extremely nervous talking to me. However, after two to three days, in the morning the children would walk past and occasionally hug me and say ‘Morning, Ms Naiya’. This always made me start my day with smile.”

Naiya said the school day at EtonHouse was quite different to what she was used to.

She said: “The nurse sits in the entrance every morning, takes each child’s temperature, checks their mouths and gives them hand sanitizer. If the child has any symptoms of an illness, their parents will be contacted and they will be taken into the medical room.

“The school tries to prevent the spread of illness as much as possible, having the morning checks and each child having a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes.”

The teenager said she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

She said: “I didn’t want to come back. It was fantastic to experience a different culture in a relaxed environment and spend time with the children.”

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