A full A-Z of top university destinations for girls at Sutton High School GDST

A full A-Z of top university destinations for girls at Sutton High School GDST

16 August 2018

Students have secured places on an enormously diverse range of courses all the way from A-Z:

Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London
Business Management at King’s College London
Computer Science at the University of Cambridge
Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London
Economics at the University of York
French and History at the University of Exeter
Right the way down to Zoology at the University of Bristol

Sutton High’s first ever A Level Computer Science results were 100% A*-A, and the majority of girls in the cohort will be going on to study the subject at university: Rebecca Tyson is attending the University of Cambridge, Jimin Park is going to Imperial College London and Madeleine Waller is taking up a place at King’s College London.

As well as Computer Science, there were also straight A*-A grades in Art, French and Religious Studies. In Mathematics, the most popular A Level taken at Sutton High, 69% of grades were A*-A.

Mrs Katharine Crouch, Headmistress, commented:

“I congratulate all our students and staff for their excellent A Level results.

“Our aim is for girls to learn with joy every day and attain the academic success needed to pursue their dreams, whatever they might be.

“For example, one of our students, Shaye Emmett, will now be going on to train as a pilot, while Katie Heape has achieved straight As and is starting the most prestigious Costume and Performance Design course in the country.

“Our Head Girl, Danielle D’Mello, showed her commercial acumen in putting together our school charity week and is now off to read Business Management at King’s College London.

“We are proud of our consistently strong academic results, but we also make sure that girls leave Sixth Form fully prepared to take advantage of the exciting opportunities beyond school. That’s why we have an award-winning careers advice service that helps students to identify their passions and their talents, and then guides them every step of the way as they work to reach their goals.

“We can’t wait to see what our girls achieve next.”

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