Almost Half of GCSE Papers Graded 8 or 9 at Bolton School Girls’ Division

Almost Half of GCSE Papers Graded 8 or 9 at Bolton School Girls’ Division

23 August 2018

48.2% of papers were given the top two grades and 69% of all marks, using the new grading system, were in the 7-9 category, equivalent to A or better in the “old currency”.  Some exams are still graded using the A*-G system and, of these, 74% of papers marked in the Girls’ Division were in the A*-A category. 

Headmistress Sue Hincks said: ‘I am thrilled with this excellent set of results, which show that the girls have embraced the changes in the GCSE with aplomb. The fact that nearly one in four of the grades in the new GCSEs is a 9, higher than the old A*, is amazing; as is the percentage of grades achieving 9 or 8 (48.2%). We have very strong results as always in the single sciences, Maths and Modern Languages, which are all key subjects for our national growth. This year, the girls studying Music and Religious Studies have done exceptionally well: all the girls doing Music scored at least a Grade 7 and 83% of the Grades in RS were Grade 7 or above. Pupils in independent schools are able to study a broad range of subjects which are academically challenging but also develop their creative and technical skills. Typically, girls have studied 11 GCSEs and some have done 12. They have combined their academic success with a range of achievements outside the curriculum in Sport, Drama, Music, and Outdoor Pursuits.’ 

Girls recorded marked success in STEM subjects, which have been graded using the new 9-1 system; with 76% of Biology papers marked at the top 9 or 8 grade and 83% of papers in the 9-7 range; 66% of Chemistry papers were marked at 9-8 and 88% at 9-7 grades; 50% of Physics marks were in the 9-8 range and 76% at 9-7; and 50% of Maths papers were graded at 9-8 and 80% at 9-7 grades. Nine out of 13 girls got A* or A grades in Resistant Materials and 17 out of 27 girls got A* or A in Textiles. Music, which is a subject under threat in many schools, still flourishes at Bolton School and 100% of girls taking the subject achieved a 9-7 grade.  There were also strong results in Latin, where 78% of papers were marked in the 9-7 range, and in Greek where 69% of papers were in the 9-7 range.  MFL results were also very strong; in French 74% of papers were graded at 9-7, in Spanish 76% of papers were in the 9-7 range and in German 47% of papers were graded at 9-7. 

One in five of the girls at Bolton receives means-tested Bursary support, enabling the School to promote social mobility and better support the community. Among those achieving the best results at the School were a number in receipt of such aid, including 5 girls who achieved all 11 Grades at 8 or 9. For those receiving financial aid, 24% of their results in the reformed subjects were Grade 9, 52.8% were Grade 8 and 76% were Grades 7-9. In addition, these girls received a number of top grades in Further Maths GCSE or one of the other legacy subjects. 

Many girls have juggled serious extra-curricular achievements with their studies, including; Charleigh Adams, who has acted in Coronation Street and Car Share, who achieved eleven GCSEs, all graded in the 9-8 range; Amelia Doherty, who has picked up national poetry prizes, who secured two 9s, seven 8s and two 7 grades; Millie Hurt who played lacrosse for Wales U19s and Lancs U18s, who achieved three 9s, three 8s, four 7s and a 6 grade; Sharon Daniel, who won the tv programme Child Genius during her time in senior school, achieved eight 9s, two 8s, an A* and a double A*; Zoe Grainger, a top climber, achieved 99888887755; Zainab Emritte, a national art finalist, achieved 98876666655 in her grades; Cate Lord, who plays netball for Manchester Thunder, achieved 99A*88888775; and Amy Mackie, an Arkwright Scholar, achieved eleven 9 grades. Other top achievers included Neha Bagewadi who secured eleven 9 grades and an A*, and Emma Sellwood who achieved ten 9s and an 8 grade.

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