Bright Futures for Loughborough High School Girls

Bright Futures for Loughborough High School Girls

22 August 2018

Gwen Byrom, Head of Loughborough High School said:

I am so pleased with the results that our LHS Year 13 students have achieved once again this year. They have coped brilliantly with the uncertainty of a revised, more challenging set of specifications and the changes to the UK exam systems. They can be very proud of all they have accomplished. In addition to their exam results, they have continued to do all the things which are so important in a well-rounded education, including sport, the arts and a commitment to helping those less fortunate than themselves through charity fundraising and voluntary work. It has been a real pleasure to see them through the school and we wish them the very best as they leave us to follow their chosen path’

Despite the rainy weather, we managed to grab some of our year 13 for a photo and to share their results and stories of their incredible achievements. 


Uma Paul’s mum could not have been more proud today of her daughter’s A level results. Uma will be studying Food Marketing and Business at Reading University having achieved BBB in her A levels, despite being seriously ill during her studies. Uma is now in remission, but at the beginning of year 12 she was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone treatment throughout her studies meaning she had to stay for a further year at school. During sixth form, Uma has also worked hard to raise thousands of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust both individually and with the support of her school friends and colleagues. She introduced the ‘Hoodie Day’ event to raise money for the TCT, which we will continue as an annual event. 


‘Super girl’ Poppy Smith is delighted with her results – ABB and will be taking a gap year before going onto study International Relations and Modern Languages at Exeter University next year. She has achieved this alongside an incredibly busy life outside school. Poppy suffers from Cystic Fibrosis but she does not let this define her or stand in her way, despite the fact that during her studies and while at school she has had undergo intravenous antibiotics and physio three times a day. Outside of school Poppy is a keen yachtswoman at Staunton Harold Sailing Club, a Royal Yacht Club Senior instructor, a race coach and powerboat instructor. She plays saxophone and piano to grade 8 standard, is a self-taught guitar player, rock climbs weekly and is currently competing her horse at British eventing. And no, she will not be taking time out or slowing down in her gap year, she is soon to start an internship at Reuters in Germany, followed by travelling around Europe, will be working the ski season in France or Austria followed by a summer in Sardinia teaching sailing. Phew!

Picture – Rachel and Clarice 

Rachel Shaw’s A Level artwork at this year’s Art Show was incredible and something of a talking point, so it was no surprise that she achieved an A in Fine art and a further A and B in Psychology and French. She is going on to study Art and Design at the University of Leeds later this year.

Clarice Benney achieved a stunning set of results – A*A*AA and is delighted that she will be studying Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge in the Autumn. A keen linguist Clarice launched the very popular modern languages film club at school. Despite recent reports of a drop in students taking languages Clarice is a shining example that this is not the case at Loughborough High School – with three of her A Levels being Spanish, Latin, French and the fourth in English.


Adele Ketley will be reading Medicine at the University of Sheffield in 2019 having gained AAA. Adele is one of two senior charity prefects at LHS and has worked tirelessly to fundraise for local, national and international charities during her time in sixth form. Alongside this she also volunteers at a local special school, Ashmount.


Jessica Dring-Morris, also senior charity prefect is going to Imperial College, London to read Material Science Engineering having achieved AAA. Hardworking Jess is also a keen member of the East Midlands Orienteering Squad and individually gained 2nd place in the British School Orienteering Championships. She has reached grade 8 in guitar and also helps regularly at Guides. Alongside Adele and the school charity team, she has organised and led many charitable events this year, helping the school to reach a record fundraising total of over £38,000!


A very excited Amy Ingleton squeezing Adele when she shares the news with her that she achieved two As and a B and now hopes to follow a career in Psychology. Her family (below) couldn’t be more proud!


Anna Lowden only came to Loughborough High School in year 12 and has thrown herself into life here. Among many activities she is has been involved in, she has been a Lance Corporal in CCF and reached the National finals of the Air Squadron Trophy. Well all the hard work and commitment has paid off, Anna has achieved A*AA and will be going on to read Biological Science at the University of Durham in the Autumn.

 Picture – Anna and Mum

Anna Slade’s mum was overwhelmed when she heard that she will be going to the University of Durham to read chemistry having gained A*A*A in her A levels. She achieved this fabulous set of results despite breaking her arm just before her exams started!

Picture – Ashleigh and Mum

Active Ashleigh Howells was overjoyed to receive the results of A*AA today, securing her place at Liverpool University to study Veterinary Science and afterwards onto Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Ashleigh has been a corporal in in the LGS CCF and gained a Sixth Form Army Scholarship. Ashleigh has also found time to compete at Scottish National and English Regional level in swimming. She represented England at the World Schools’ Orienteering Championships and individually won the Junior Women’s Urban Orienteering League competition.

Picture – Eleanor 

Eleanor Danaher is third (but not the last!) Danaher to be educated at Loughborough High School and has achieved excellent results – AAA in Classical Civilisation, RS and English Literature and will be going on to study Classical Civilisation at the University of Leeds. She has juggled her studies alongside having a part-time job but also has played a major part of the Senior Prefect Team as the House Captain for Storer, taking part in and organising many events.


Aradhana Topiwala and her parents were overjoyed to see that she had gained A*A*AA in Biology, Spanish, Maths and Chemistry, securing her place to read medicine at Imperial College, London. Finding time for sport alongside her studies, Aradhana was the Badminton team captain and led the team to victory at the county championships.


Cadet Warrant Officer, Grace Kent is one busy person at Loughborough High School! Not only is she the first girl to achieve that rank – the highest at LGS CCF, she is also the Chief Police Cadet for Charnwood – no surprise then, that she is going to study Policing at the London Campus of Coventry University after achieving A*AC in Drama, Geography and English Literature. If those activities weren’t enough to keep her busy, she has been a very effective member of the Senior Prefect Team as Drama Prefect and has been involved in the production of many shows, also taking leading roles as Sandy in Grease, Lady Bracknell in the Importance of Being Earnest, and in the LES Drama show Darling You’re Marvellous, which went to Edinburgh Fringe. Also an active participant in the Music School productions, she sings with Cantalina.


Siobhan Bahl’s parents are over the moon at her stunning set of results A* AA, resulting in a place at the University of Exeter to read English. Siobhan has been a very active member of LHS, a talented musician and sportswoman. Noto only has she been a Corporal in the LGS CCF, she has achieved grade 7 in both violin and piano and has represented the Midlands playing regional level Hockey and Rugby for Loughborough Town all while studying for her A Levels!


Zahra Jassi is off to Kings College London to study Politics, having gained AAA in Government and Politics, Drama and English Literature. Outside school Zahra plays tennis at club level and inside school has been involved in so many parts of LHS life. She is a keen percussionist to a high level has been an active part of many drama productions, with a particular interest in writing and directing; she has recently directed the Leavers’ Musical, High School Musical 2.


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