GSA girls achieve top grades in A levels & Advanced Highers

Girls across GSA schools in England have achieved top A* and A grades in this year’s new, tougher, A level results, while GSA schools in Scotland celebrated top A-B grades in their Advanced Highers earlier this month.

GSA President Gwen Byrom said: “As far as the girls in GSA girls’ schools are concerned, they have continued to achieve top results this year – our schools are reporting up to 90% pass rates at grades A*-A today, with many achieving pass rates of 40% and over in these top grades and some achieving pass rate records.”

Just some of the top results include:

Queen Margaret’s School, Aberdeen – 90% of Advanced Highers grades awarded at the top A-B grade and 96% at grades A-C.
St Paul’s Girls’ School – 89.9% of entries achieved an A*-A grade, 98.8% an A*-B grade, and 59.8% of entries attained an A* grade or the Pre-U equivalent D1 or D2 grade, which is a new school record.
St George’s School, Edinburgh – 86% Advanced Highers pass rate at grades A-B (national average 58.2%), and 65% at grade A (national average 32%).
St Helen and St Katharine – 75% of entries  were at grades A*-A, 93.5% were A*-B. Girls also achieved great results in the school’s first year of EPQs, with 32 A*s in a wide variety of subjects including suffragette propaganda, AIDS, the Medici, linguistics and Beethoven.
Woldingham School – 67% of all STEM subject entries were graded A*-A, with chemistry at 86% A*-A, further maths 83%, maths and biology 59%, and physics 44% A*-A.
Cheltenham Ladies College – 65.2% of all results are A*-A, 92% of results are A*-B grades, and 30.4% are at the top grade A*. A record number of girls achieved at least 4 A* grades, securing places at top global universities including Yale, Stanford, Brown, Southern California and the University of Hong Kong.
King’s High School Warwick – 63% of all results were graded A*-A, 24% A*, 90% A*-B, 96% A*-C.
Channing School – 62.6% of grades achieved at A*-A, and 86.7% at grades A*-B.
Oxford High School GDST – 62% of grades were A*-A, 26% were A*, and 24% of those heading to university this year gained a place at Oxford or Cambridge.
Farnborough Hill School – 61% of grades were A*-A grades, with 87% at A*- B. These are the best A level results the school has had in 10 years. Among the subjects students plan to study at university are astrophysics, law, engineering, English, medicine and veterinary medicine,
Malvern St James Girls’ School – results are up year on year across the board with 57% of entries at grade A*-A, 26.7% at grade A*, 80% at grades A*-B. Almost half (47%) of girls have achieved at least three A or A* grades. Almost 40% of the entire year group will go on to read STEM subjects at university.
Bolton School Girls’ Division – 54.5% of all papers were graded at A* or A. The School’s best set of results in recent years saw the percentage of passes at A* rise to 15.9% (from 12.5%), and the percentage of passes at A*-B rise to 78.4% (from 77%). 94.7% of all papers were graded in the A*-C category, up from 94% the previous year.
The Marist School (Berkshire) – 53% were at grades A*-A , 18% at A*, and 97% at grades A*-C. This year, 77% of students have been offered places with Russell Group Universities. The school’s results are at their highest since the A* grade was introduced in 2010 and all A level Spanish and German students achieved A*-A grades (Franch A-C grades) despite the national decline in modern foreign languages.
The Maynard School – 52% achieved A*-A grades, and 81% A*-B.
Sheffield High School GDST – 52% of entries were awarded A*-A grades, up 5% on last year. 90% of students were awarded grades A*-C, with 76% gaining A*-B grades. 71% of all students achieved at least one grade A.
James Allen’s Girls’ School – 38% of all grades are at A* and 76% A*-A. Half of all A level subjects offered gained grade A or higher, with drama achieving 75% A* and both geography and economics with two thirds of all grades at A*.
Kilgraston, Perthshire – 67% Advanced Highers pass rate at grades A-B and 92.3% pass rate at A-C, against national average of 58.2% A-B and 80.5% A-C.
King’s High, Warwick – 63% of all results were graded A* to A and 90% of all results were graded A*to B – the strongest results in seven years.
The Queen’s School – 60% at A*-A and 27% of examinations passed were at A*. All Latin and art candidates achieved an A*-A equivalent grade. In English literature 88% were at A*-A and in chemistry 86% of the grades were at A*-A. In total 11 subjects had an A*-B pass rate of 100%.
Mayfield School – 20% of all entries were awarded A*, with almost 60% graded A*-A and 80% A*-B. Almost one-third of all girls were awarded three or more A*-A grades and this year fourteen subjects achieved 100% A*-B grades (up from eleven in 2017). Mathematics remained the most popular subject at A level, with an impressive 30% securing the top A* grade and 83% A*-A.
Headington School – 54.1% of all entries were rated at A*- A, and 77.7% were graded at B or higher. Girls collected a total of 192 A* and A grades between them, sitting a total of 355 A Levels.
Redmaids High School – 53% of grades achieved were the top A*-A (A level) or 7,6 (International Baccalaureate Diploma) and 100% A*A grades were achieved across some subjects including economics, Russian, Polish and art.
Notre Dame – 52% of all grades achieved were A*-A, double the national average and 10% higher than in 2017. 78% of girls gained A*-B .
Farlington School – 43% of all grades at A*-A.
Pipers Corner School – 43% of all grades at A*-A, 70% of results at grades A*- B and 95% of all grades at A*-C
Derby High School – 41% of all grades achieved were at A*- A and 68% were at A* – B grades
Queen Anne’s School, Caversham – 40% of all grades were at A*-A and 69% at A*-B. 18% of students achieved all their grades at A*-A and 47% of girls achieved all of their grades in the A*-B range. At Queen Anne’s, 43% of the year group chose to study STEM subjects, with 44% of grades achieved at A*-A, and 29% of girls have chosen to continue to study STEM subjects at university.
Moreton Hall – named by The Times as the UK’s top performing non-selective school – has a third of students achieving straight A*s and As in each of their subjects.
Sutton High School GDST – 80% of all grades were at A*-B and there was a 100% pass rate at grades A*-A in computer science, with most girls continuing to study the subject at university.
Sir William Perkins School – the pass rate at A*-B was 78%, up on last year, and 27% of all students got all A*-A grades.
Harrogate Ladies College – the pass rate at A*-B grades was 70%, an increase on last year. Students achieved twice the number of A* grades predicted by independent base-line data and 90% of all grades were A*-C.

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