A Levels – Georgia gets A* after using school’s new Well-being Centre

Farnborough Hill student Georgia is celebrating achieving fabulous A level results including A* in English Literature and A in Classical Civilisation. Part of the story of this success has been her work with the school counsellor at Farnborough Hill’s Well-being Centre, where she was helped to manage her anxiety.

She says:
“I get pretty anxious sometimes and there was a lot going on at home at the time. Getting work done and seeing friends was difficult. The counselling helped me through that. From the first session the counsellor was really open and it’s been really helpful for both my home and school life.”

Georgia’s school has taken the counselling a step further with the introduction of an on-site Well-Being Centre. The new centre is comprised of a nurse’s surgery, a quiet mindfulness space, a learning support area, and the school counsellor’s room. Pupils can be referred by their teachers, parents or they can drop in themselves to ask for support.

Georgia added:
You’re always going to get students who feel they can’t speak to their teachers so it’s a different dynamic to have a trained counsellor in school. She’s slightly ‘outside’ so you feel you can take anything to her.”
Georgia is currently working in a local stable yard where she mucks out, cleans tack and helps with junior summer schools. She has a place to study English Literature at the University of Sussex this autumn.

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