Outstanding results and an Engineer heads for Oxford from Malvern St James

Outstanding results and an Engineer heads for Oxford from Malvern St James

16 August 2018

Malvern St James Girls’ School announces outstanding results as this year’s A level grades are released. As well as many personal success stories, results are up year on year across the board, and the majority of girls will go to their first choice university destination. Almost half (47%) of girls have achieved at least three A or A* grades. Headlines include over one quarter of A level entries (26.7%) at A*; well over half at A* or A (57%); and significantly over three-quarters (80%) at A*-B.

Chloe Parker, from Bredon, has gained 4 A*s at A level and will take up her place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, to read Engineering Science. Her subjects include Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Product Design.

Chloe comments, “I am elated to have achieved the grades I needed. I am so grateful for all the support I received especially over exams. I have loved so much about my time here with my friends, my teachers and the environment, and I am excited to start this new chapter.”

Chloe is the recipient of MSJ’s Founders’ Award, a bursary scholarship, introduced in 2016 and awarded to the school’s most talented students. It recognises academic excellence, extra-curricular commitment and community leadership.

A second student, who achieved four A*s in Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Art, will study Mathematics at Exeter College.

Almost 40% of the year group will go on to read STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects at university. Local girls Izzy Lee will read Veterinary Science at Liverpool University, and Ellie Manns, who is holding an offer for Biomedical Science at Warwick, has exceeded her predictions and is reviewing her course.

Ellie comments, “I was so pleased with my results, and they were certainly a bit of a surprise! A levels are by no means a walk in the park and it’s fair to say I definitely struggled at times. But even when things don’t quite go your way, it’s so important to pick yourself up and look forward to the future, whatever that may be.”

Over many years the school has earned a reputation for outstanding STEM take-up and grades, as well as a strong showing of girls who pursue STEM careers. University destinations for STEM students include Edinburgh, Exeter and Durham. Business and Management are also popular course choices this year, with almost 20% of students opting for these courses, including Management Science at UCL and Business Management at King’s College London.

Headlines for STEM results this year include A*s or As awarded for 69% of Maths entries; 100% of Further Maths; 44% of Physics; 80% of Chemistry; and 63% of Biology entries. Product Design achieved 100% A*-B grades.

Whilst STEM subjects have been recognised as being of particular importance to the UK economy, MSJ values all routes that girls take. Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences grades have remained impressive. Art has 50% of entries achieving an A*, 75% an A* or A, and 100 % A*-B. Drama had a 100% of entries achieving an A grade. English Literature saw 40% A*, 70% A*-A and 90% A*-B; History 100% A*-B; Latin and Spanish 100% A* or A. Economics achieved 88% A*-B grades.

Local girls who came in to celebrate at school included Sarah Jackson, Imogen Townsend and Mary Beth Prindezis who will go to Exeter to read English; other local girls from Herefordshire and Worcestershire will be studying Philosophy at St Andrews, Classical Studies and Psychology at Edinburgh, and English at York.

Headmistress, Mrs Olivera Raraty, comments, “I am delighted for our students who have been incredibly determined and focused.  I also thank staff for their dedication and perseverance: this year has been harder than most because the new A level course specifications have meant starting from scratch, and not having resources such as past papers to refer to. This makes the girls’ success even more of an achievement.”

“Not only do the girls leave MSJ clutching their academic results; they also have great skills sets in a range of areas which will stay with them for life.  I wish all of our girls every success at university: they deserve it.”



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