Rise in top GCSE grades at Pipers Corner

Rise in top GCSE grades at Pipers Corner

23 August 2018

In Mathematics 100% of grades were at A*-C (4 and above), with 40% of results at A* or A (7-9). There were also record-breaking results in Science with 52% of all Science grades, from across all sets in the year group, achieving A* or A (9-7). This was closely followed by English with 47% of all results in the year achieving A or A* (9-7) grades.

In 16 subjects at least half of all results were at the top A*/A (9-7) grades and outcomes were particularly strong in Geography, Drama and Art where over three quarters of students achieved the top A*-A (9-7) grades. Results in RS and History were even higher with 88% and 89% of students taking these subjects achieving top grades of A*/A (9-7).

Among the top performing students were Emily Farley and Alicia Wright, who have been students at Pipers since starting school in Reception, who each achieved 10 top A/A* grades in at least 10 subjects. Amongst the other students achieving all top grades were Sixth Form Drama Scholar, Chloe Hall, whose top grades included 9s in both Mathematics and Drama, and Academic Scholar, Heather Nixey who achieved 9 straight grade 9s with an additional A in FSMQ which is the equivalent of an AS examination. Other highly successful students with at least 10 top grades included Niharika Saxena and Katie Pepper, both of whom have been awarded Scholarships into the Sixth Form at Pipers.

Headmistress, Mrs Helen Ness-Gifford said, “2018 has been a superb year for examination results at Pipers Corner and the sheer number of individual and whole year group successes at GCSE is fantastic. As teachers it is wonderful for us to have the opportunity to see our students develop throughout the time that they are with us, in some cases today over 11 years, and they are all to be congratulated on their impressive achievements. This week’s excellent GCSE results follow on from our record-breaking A Level results last week and I am delighted that 90% of our top performing GCSE students will be returning to Pipers in September to complete their education. I look forward to sharing in their continued success as they embark on their A Level studies in our Sixth Form.

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