Shattering the Glass Ceiling – at Moreton Hall Girls do STEM

Shattering the Glass Ceiling – at Moreton Hall Girls do STEM

29 August 2018

Across the UK, the percentage of girls studying STEM for A level is woeful: 14% take Biology, 9% Chemistry, 3% Physics, 19% Psychology, 12% Mathematics and just 1.6% study Further Mathematics. At Moreton Hall in 2018, 69% of the girls took at least 1 STEM A Level, 39% took 2 or more; 20% took 3 or more and a hardy cohort of 5% took 4 STEM A Levels. Further Mathematics is a particular success: nationally the take up is just 16 girls out of every 1000 but at Moreton Hall 17 girls, out of a Sixth Form of just 125, studied the subject.

Students, at the school, worthy of particular mention include Georgina Lang, whose four A*s enable her to take up a place at Oxford to read Computer Science and philosophy. Fewer than 10% of students on CompSci are female so Georgie looks set to be a trailblazer. The degree is Oxford’s first new course since 1973 and combines scientific and moral issues including the ‘Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’.

Lily Mainwaring will read Medicine at Cambridge having combined academic study with captaining her country at lacrosse. Principal Jonathan Forster comments:

“Moreton has never rested on its laurels and continues to innovate and develop to ensure that we can inspire the next generation of students and prepare them for the wider world. However, Moreton is not an exam factory and it is important to note that some of our most successful students have made an enormous contribution to the wider life of school and the community.”

Jasmine Singh, who gained 3 A*s fulfils a lifetimes ambition to study Medicine at King’s College, London. She enthused: “My teachers encouraged me whenever I felt like I couldn’t do it. London has such a multicultural society and it will give me unparalleled clinical exposure and confidence to deal with complex diseases.”

Jasmine ensured that she invested in Moreton’s Super- Curriculum by working as the key representative for the school’s Medical Society: Jenner. Jasmine added, “Guest speakers, who include leading medics and academics discuss biological developments in the news through a range of events and workshops. The aim is to ensure that students learn about, and explore advances in medical science.

Imperial College, London is the destination for Zahra Deji-Abiola who also gained 4 A*s. Zahra was inspired by Engineering following work experience at an oil company in Nigeria. She comments: “As our raw materials dwindle and need for energy grows, I realised that chemical engineering is very important to the world around us as the discipline deals with using our raw materials as efficiently as possible.”

Emphasising that Moreton Hall tailors education to the child and not the child to an entrenched curriculum, Jonathan Forster stressed, “Our investment in Science and more specifically, our Medical Science faculty is clearly paying dividends and as work begins on the Holroyd Community theatre, it is clear of our intent to the principle of an all-round education.”

At Moreton Hall girls do STEM!

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