Superb GCSE/IGCSE results see St Mary’s Calne girls on cloud ‘9’

Superb GCSE/IGCSE results see St Mary’s Calne girls on cloud ‘9’

23 August 2018

Congratulations to the girls at St Mary’s Calne on another fantastic set of GCSE and IGCSE Level results. Overall, in the reformed subjects, an impressive 31% of entries received the new, tougher, 9 grade. There was a total of 57% A*s (where 8/9s are included as the equivalent of A*). In the unreformed subjects, 53% of the girls achieved A*s and in the reformed subjects, 60% of the girls were awarded 8/9 grades.

Special mention must go to the top three achieving girls, with all A*s, 9s and one 8: Georgia Brooks and Jolie Ryan-Dawes (both from Wiltshire) and Roberta Han.

Rose Morley (from Calne, Wiltshire) also achieved excellent results, with the equivalent of 11 A*s, while Foundation Scholar, Georgina Auvray, from Calne, gained all A*/As – or the equivalent. (Foundation Awards are given to gifted and talented girls who join St Mary’s from the state sector).

With the well-publicised lack of women working in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) sector, St Mary’s Calne, which is the only independent school in the UK to be awarded the Platinum Science Mark, is proud to be encouraging and supporting girls to excel in these subjects and the girls’ GCSE and IGCSE results reflect this, with: 96% A*-As in Biology; 89% A*-A in Physics, 83% A*-A in Chemistry and 81% 9-7s (A*-A equivalent) in Maths.*

There were outstanding results in other subjects, with 100% 9-7s (A*-A equivalent) in Art, Drama and Music. In Modern Foreign Languages, the girls excelled, with 100% A*-A in German, 83% A*-A in Spanish and 81% A*-A in French, while in History the girls achieved 91% A*-A. Geography and Latin both saw excellent results, with 86% A*-A equivalent and Religious Studies 88% A*-A equivalent.

Headmistress, Dr Felicia Kirk, commented: “Well done to all our girls on their superb results. They have all worked incredibly hard, with the support of their teachers and staff, and their results are well deserved. To see so many girls achieving the new top grade of 9 in the reformed subjects is remarkable and I am sure the girls will continue to flourish, both in their academic and extra-curricular activities, as they move into the Sixth Form at St Mary’s Calne.”

* Ofqual predicted that only 3% of students sitting GCSE Maths would receive a 9 (source: The Telegraph, August 23rd, 2017) and 33% of St Mary’s girls achieved this.

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