The Marist School, Sunninghill celebrates record A Level Results

The Marist School, Sunninghill celebrates record A Level Results

16 August 2018

The Marist School, Sunninghill celebrates record results this year with over half of Year 13 girls receiving straight A* and A grades and 97% receiving A* – C. This year, 77% of students have been offered places with Russell Group Universities. 

Mr Karl McCloskey, Principal of The Marist School said, “I am absolutely delighted with the A Level results this year, which are the highest since the A* grade was introduced in 2010. Furthermore, I am immensely proud of the girls who have worked exceptionally hard to achieve their results and with 100% progressing to Higher Education, we can expect to hear continued great things from them in the future.”

Despite the fall in uptake of languages nationally at A Level, this year has been exceptional linguistically for The Marist with 100% of students achieving A* and A grades in Spanish and German and 100% A – C in French. Maths, which is also traditionally strong at the school, saw high results with 100% of girls gaining A* – B alongside first-class results in the Economics department with 100% of girls achieving A* – A.   

Some of this year’s top achievers include Olivia Anderson, Natasha May-Bowles and Jessica Hancock who each received two A* grades and one A grade. Olivia will advance to study English at Royal Holloway, University of London while Natasha will study English Literature at Durham University. Dione Gowing has also received an outstanding set of results with one A* and three A grades achieved. She will commence undergraduate study of Mathematics at the University of Warwick.

This year’s Head Girl, Eleanor Taylor, who is also an accomplished musician, will now go on to study Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University after receiving an A* grade and two A grades.

Mr McCloskey, who has been leading The Marist for over 20 years added, “Behind the letter grades and subject scores are individual students with personal stories whose minds have been expanded, whose hearts have been enriched and whose hope-filled future lives have been formed, in a distinctive Marist manner.  They now have a world of opportunity and professional career prospects ahead of them.  We encourage initiative and independent thinking and an example of this was when the current Marist A level Spanish students initiated a peer to peer programme of Spanish language lessons to be taught to Marist Prep girls to further their language development. This cross phase and more importantly pupil led initiative, enhanced shared learning from nursery to A level across the school. ”

Mr McCloskey added, “Brooke Tinniswood is a further example of Marist entrepreneurship as she not only achieved superb results (two A grades and a B), she also started her own patisserie business whilst working towards her A Levels. This has led her to follow a new style of degree called a Degree Apprenticeship in conjunction with Unilever.  If the word apprenticeship conjures up stereotypical notions of trades, then think again as accountancy, advertising and aerospace engineering are all possibilities open through this route.  GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs and BAE Systems represent all but a small proportion of the blue chip companies who offer this route to A Level students which allows them to study and earn an income at the same time.  Brooke will be commencing a Research and Development Refreshment Degree Apprenticeship at Nottingham in September.”

The grades for the Extended Project Qualification were also exceptional with 83% of girls achieving A* and 100% at A*- A.

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