Tissues required: GCSE joy at St Helen and St Katharine

Tissues required: GCSE joy at St Helen and St Katharine

23 August 2018

GCSE students at St Helen and St Katharine can look forward to their next step with great anticipation and pride as they celebrate their results today. The School is delighted with the results of the reformed qualifications taken this summer at St Helen’s with 98.8% of grades at 9–6 and a superb 45.9% at grade 9. Headmistress Mrs Rebecca Dougall commented: “At St Helen’s we haven’t been talking endlessly about achieving 9s. The message to students has consistently been: work hard, aim for 8s and the 9s will come. And they have!”

Tissues were abundant as many happy and relieved tears were shed, not least in families where parents have supported two daughters through public exams this summer.

Sisters Sophie and Emily Bland have done themselves and their parents proud. Both having joined St Helen’s in the Junior Department, Sophie has achieved all 9/A* in her I/GCSEs while Emily took home all A*/A in her A-levels which has opened the door to studying History at Exeter University. Their parents said: “They’re the ones who have done this! They have consistently worked hard and been determined all the way – this is the reward for all their efforts.”

Zoë and Imogen Almond have also triumphed in their A-level and I/GCSE exams and their parents commented: “It’s better having both doing exams at once, it’s double the pain but it’s been good for the girls. They’ve worked together and supported each other. We’ve had two sleepless nights waiting for the results – and two wonderful days to follow! We’ve been very happy, St Helen’s has been great both academically and socially but also sportingly”. The whole family is now off on a well-deserved holiday.

Twins Zoë and Ella Lovibond have both gained excellent results in their I/GCSEs. In addition, Ella has been busy putting her sporting talents to use. Immediately after her exams she played for the England Women U18 Sevens team in the Home Nations Tournament and scored tries in their games against Scotland and Wales. She said that it was actually a stress relief to go straight into the tournament: “I liked being able to completely forget about exams.” Zoë is also an exceptional sportswoman, this year she received the award for the most outstanding athlete across a range of sports in Middle School.

The parents of Channan Sangha who took a clean sweep of 9/A* were not surprisingly emotional at their daughter’s results and said: “We are so proud and happy. However, we celebrated before getting the results as for us it was about Channan’s hard work and effort. She is so proud of St Helen’s and will one day make a great alumna.”

Mrs Dougall concluded: “It’s one of the great pleasures of being Head of a school full of such gifted and hardworking young women – I get to celebrate their successes with just as much joy as they do.”

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