Bolton Girls Enjoying the Challenges of BEST Day

Bolton Girls Enjoying the Challenges of BEST Day

26 September 2018

The whole of Year 12 at Bolton School Girls’ Division applied their entrepreneurial abilities in a series of workshops on Business Enterprise and Skills Testing (BEST) Day. This annual occasion once again helped them to improve skills such as teamwork and creative problem-solving, which are so important in the world of work.

The day began with a keynote address on Risks, Failure and Resilience from entrepreneur Nadia Rae of Let’s Organise. Nadia talked about the abilities and most importantly the mindset needed to succeed. She talked about the power of belief and how mental focusing and thinking that something is possible can help make it a reality. She also did some spot coaching with some of the girls, giving the whole group ideas for how to manage their fear.

After the keynote address, Year 12 dispersed in small groups to attend a series of workshops.

Nadia led one of these sessions, which she based on her first start-up company: in groups, students were asked to design and market an afternoon tea party package and then present their ideas to the group. Career consultant and former Bolton School parent Stephanie Foster also challenged the groups to create and pitch their ideas for a new brand of sleeping bag.

Students also benefitted from a Presentation Skills workshop from Mike Carter and Jackie Maine of Body Language Workshops. They were given a useful introduction into what body language can give away about a person and how to present themselves in the best possible way.

An Initiative and Leadership session led by Mr Bradley, the School’s Head of Outdoor Learning, got the girls on their feet and working together to solve problems such as making a perfect square out of a loop of rope while blindfold. This active workshop allowed girls to have fun while developing their skills.

The Sixth Form students enjoyed tackling the varied challenges of the day and developing their soft skills at the same time.

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