St Augustine’s Priory announces two new scholarships: A love of learning for all

St Augustine’s Priory announces two new scholarships: A love of learning for all

27 September 2018

St Augustine’s Priory is proud to announce the launch of two new scholarships.  This Ealing Catholic Independent Day School for girls rejoices in instilling a love of learning for its own sake and is always looking for new ways to communicate this central school value.  Therefore, St Augustine’s Priory is delighted to announce the introduction of new scholarships for September 2019.  The first is The Mary Tredway Award, a 100% scholarship for the Sixth Form. 

Mary Tredway founded the school in France in 1634. This was a time of recusancy – Catholics were not allowed to practise freely their religion in England. Like many Catholic schools, their journey in Europe began in seeking religious freedom. French laicisation laws at the beginning of the Twentieth Century meant that the nuns decided to move back to England where they built another convent and school in Ealing. These women of steel did this during the First World War – a time of enormous upheaval and challenge. Before joining the order one of the religious was also a suffragette who was chained to railings and arrested for window-breaking more than once to help secure the vote for women. In other words, as a school St Augustine’s Priory finds its foundations in the strength of visionary women who combined a scholarly love of learning with a vision for all that women could and should do.

In 2018 in the commemorations of the ending of the First World War is the backdrop to the school’s history and to the social changes which this heralded.

Headteacher, Mrs Sarah Raffray, commented, ‘Our new 100% scholarships for Sixth Form entry honour our traditions at St Augustine’s Priory as well as our commitment to the future. We want as many girls as possible to benefit from our work – we are an inclusive community and have always welcomed girls from every faith tradition. The world needs St Augustine’s girls because they are assured and academically alive. This scholarship is an exciting proposition for a girl who wants to learn and to be part of our journey into the future.’

The second new scholarship also has an important historical link to the school and another school value which is courage. Le Chemin de Sainte Marie de Neuilly is a new Modern Languages Scholarship.  St Augustine’s Priory is rich with stories of linguistic scholarship and adventure. Russian has long been part of the curriculum and was so from when the school was in Paris. Our sister school in Paris, St Marie de Neuilly, has continued this tradition and boasts the story of a nun who frequently travelled to Russia, going behind the Iron Curtain and bringing out Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago for publication at considerable risk to herself.

This scholarship recognises the school’s French and European roots and celebrates continued outstanding success in Modern Languages GCSE and A Level qualifications, in particular their 100% A* in French GCSE this summer.  ‘Le Chemin’ means ‘path’ in French and St Augustine’s Priory is offering the scholarship at two points  14+ and 16+, recognising moments when girls embark on a path of public examinations in modern languages.  This innovative award includes financial support into university if a language is pursued at that level.  

Applicants, currently in Year 11, are most welcome to apply for a range of scholarships on offer for the Sixth Form.  The deadline is Friday 23rd November 2018.  Please contact the Registrar on 0208 991 7519 or by email on [email protected].


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