Ealing Sixth Formers Press for Preventing Period Poverty

Ealing Sixth Formers Press for Preventing Period Poverty

8 October 2018

Inspired by learning about pressure groups in their politics lessons, two Ealing Sixth Formers are determined to play their part in Preventing Period Poverty.  Molly and Nell, both pupils at St Augustine’s Priory, Catholic independent day school for girls in Ealing, West London, want to raise awareness of an issue which means that one in ten girls cannot afford sanitary products and do not therefore attend school at the time of their periods.

Molly and Nell plan to take their symbolic red painted bicycle, their ‘period cycle’, around local schools to speak to pupils and press for the provision of free sanitary products in schools.  They also want to add their voice to pressure the government to change the policy whereby tampons and other feminine hygiene products are subject to VAT.  As they say, ‘It’s not a luxury item.  We need them’.

Working with a lobbyist on this issue the girls hope to work with other groups in raising awareness and bringing about a change in policy.

Believing that individuals can make a difference for the better to the world around them, to be gamechangers is central to life at St Augustine’s Priory and Molly and Nell are prime examples of that belief.

Molly and Nell can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TIKXt6GfYM speaking of their campaign.


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