Fame in Focus – Trailblazing women in Putney High Alumnae Portrait Exhibition

Fame in Focus – Trailblazing women in Putney High Alumnae Portrait Exhibition

30 October 2018

125th Anniversary

Alumnae Portrait Exhibition

This year Putney High School GDST celebrates its 125th Birthday with the unveiling of a series of portraits, of twelve trail-blazing Alumnae.

Photographer Anita Corbin, herself a Putney Alumna, and the artist behind the critically acclaimed Visible Girls and First Women UK exhibitions, has gathered twelve pioneering women who attended the school over the generations and have gone on to make their mark in the world.

Her subjects are:

Sophy Gardner. Former RAF Wing Commander

Sophie Simnett. Actor

Mary Coombs. Computer Programmer

Baroness Virginia Bottomley of Nettlestone. Chancellor, University of Hull; Trustee, The Economist & Life Peer

Formerly Secretary of State for Health and for National Heritage

Aicha McKenzie. Director of AMCK and Choreographer

Dr Sandie Okoro. Lawyer and Senior Vice President at the World Bank Group

Jenny Beavan OBE. Oscar-winning Costume Designer

Sophie Raworth. Journalist and Broadcaster

Madeleine Wickham. Author, (pen name) Sophie Kinsella

Pippa Greenwood. Botanist, TV and Radio Broadcaster and Writer

Ailsa Bosworth MBE. Founder and CEO of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

Anita Corbin. Photographer


The exhibition will be unveiled on 8 November as part of the celebrations marking the 125th Anniversary of the school which first opened its doors in 1893.

QUOTES – Photographer, Anita Corbin.

“My overall impression from meeting all the women was their absolute ‘can do’ attitude. They all had such great energies and were all so confident in their own identity, they also had a spirit of non-conformity – not feeling the need to fit into a norm.”

“They were all very up for being photographed in any situation that I felt made the message clear. Most representative of their career or status whether it was business or sport or acting”.

“Putney was always very respectful of the individual – finding what everyone was good at. They knew everyone was good at something and they helped you find it”.

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