Tuning into Future Success at Moreton Hall

Tuning into Future Success at Moreton Hall

24 October 2018

The Barbirolli Scholarship Days, open to girls aged between 11-16, encourages talented instrumentalists and vocalists to demonstrate their music ability and commitment in the hope of securing future support.

Helen Rayner, Director of Music at Moreton Hall said, “To celebrate the formation of Barbirolli Society last year the new ‘Barbirolli Scholarships’ have been launched to promote high level music making and cater for dedicated and aspiring musicians both within Moreton Hall and the wider community.”

Moreton Hall has a thriving and award winning music department with excellent facilities, a wide range of musical activities, first-class musical tuition and an outstanding track-record of results at GCSE and A Level. Regular concerts and five musicals per year consistently attain high levels of musical achievement at all levels within the school.

The Barbirolli Society was established to enrich students’ musical awareness and develop their skills through regular masterclasses and performance coaching delivered by visiting professional musicians at the top of their field. Weekly musicianship sessions are also held along with regular lunchtime concerts, competitions and events both within school and in the wider community.

Helen Rayner concluded, “Music-making really is one of the key fundamentals of Moreton Hall’s educational experience.”

To register to attend Moreton Hall’s Scholarship Day please visit www.moretonhall.org/registering or contact Helen Rayner on  01691 773671

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