Dragon’s Den at pipers Corner – We’re In!

Dragon’s Den at pipers Corner – We’re In!

19 November 2018

Year 9 Business students presented their entrepreneurial ideas to Mrs Crosse and Mr Ranford during their Business Studies lessons in mid-November.

The groups were tasked to pitch their products to the two Dragons paying, particular focus on the different functions of operations, sales, finance and marketing.

Key focus points included:

  • How they were planning on making everything and the challenges they could face.
  • Is the stall at the Christmas Fair going to attract potential customers and how they were planning on boosting sales on the day.
  • How many items they need to sell in order to break-even and cover their costs.
  • How they intend to make their target market aware of their products.

The great range of products on offer were:

Santa’s Stocking: Handmade Christmas Cards and Candles as well as a photobooth available at the Fair.

Marbleous: Handmade marble trinket dishes for jewellery and other knickknacks.

Christmas Treats: Ornamental pine cones and wood slices to hang on your Christmas tree.

Vanité: Luxury home decorations such as handmade framed drawings of characters from children’s storybooks. Mini hampers including fluffy socks and handmade candles.

Candy Kisses: 100% natural lip scrub made from sugar, coconut oil and essence oil available in four different flavours.

Paper Petals: Wine bottles with fairy lights eco-friendly products made from 100% recycled products.

Each team had created their own unique logo and slogans used to promote their products through social media accounts as well as packaging and wrapping to create their final look. The panel quizzed the girls about their products asking questions about what marketing research they had done, what the anticipated profits were and how were they prepared to make their stall and products stand out from the rest.

It was great to see the girls putting so much enthusiasm into their brands, if you’d like to purchase any of their products you can find them at the School Christmas Fair which is taking place on Saturday 1 December 2018 from 1000-1300 hours.

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