Queen’s Girls excel in Bebras challenge

Queen’s Girls excel in Bebras challenge

26 November 2018

We are so proud of all the Lower School and Senior School girls who took part in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge recently.

It is the first time Lower School girls have taken part in the competition and the results are absolutely tremendous.

In all age brackets Queen’s scored a significantly higher average than participants across the county and the country.

Kits (Age 6-8)

Queen’s 70.2857

Cheshire 59.7581

Country 57.5090

Castors (Age 8-10)

Queen’s 86.1724

Cheshire 74.9750

Country 74.9915

Juniors (Age 10-12)

Queen’s 78.8118

Cheshire 67.8522

Country 66.8299

Intermediate (Age 12-14)

Queen’s 73.5431

Cheshire 59.5739

Country 59.3790

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