Space Design Regional Win for Derby High!

Space Design Regional Win for Derby High!

26 November 2018

Derby High School students are celebrating after making it through to the national finals of the UK Space Design Competition.

Eight girls from Derby High School competed in the regional heat of the contest in a team consisting of 21 members, including students from Boston Grammar School in Lincolnshire.

The team was asked to design an underground settlement on Europa, which is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter.

Derby High students Aman Tung and Jasmine Brittan were part of the winning team. Aman said: “The purpose of the brief was to find life on Europa and to accommodate 4,400 people. We had to think about so many elements such as how to get fuel and electric and how the inhabitants would be entertained, we had to consider food, materials, gravity and how to get people there. We had to think about everything to do with survival.

“We had to assign roles to everyone so we had a president, vice-president and a head and we were each working on different areas but we all had to communicate with each other because all the areas were inter-linked.

“It was a 12-hour day and at the end we had to give a presentation which consisted of 35 slides and lasted for 20 minutes and we took questions from the panel of judges.”

Jasmine was vice president of the team and she said everyone was overwhelmed when they found out that they had won. She said: “It felt amazing because we’d worked so hard, everyone was so excited. We are really looking forward to the national final now and that’s being held at Imperial College in London in March 2019.”

Jackie Orr, Head of Physics at Derby High School, said: “I am really proud of the girls who have shown themselves to be excellent physicists and engineers as well as terrific ambassadors for Derby High. The work they had to do was difficult and they used all their skills of time and project management, team working and persistence throughout the very long day. To have won through is excellent and I am looking forward to the next challenge in March.”

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