Westminster Judges Wowed by Cobham Hall Girls

Westminster Judges Wowed by Cobham Hall Girls

19 November 2018

Politics is a new subject available to Cobham Hall Sixth Form students as part of the School’s exciting new A Level Programme, and it’s had an inspiring introduction. Students on the course have already met and spent time with Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt. Hon. John Bercow, following a second place finish in a Student Video Competition, and Historian David Starkey, who visited the School to give a lecture.

Just a few weeks into the course, Cobham Hall girls had the privilege of meeting the Rt. Hon. John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons at Westminster Palace. They were presenting their entry, which had been shortlisted with three other schools, in the Political Studies Association (PSA) Student Video Competition for 2018, with the theme “Brexit: What it means to me”. We’re delighted that the girls achieved a second place finish in their first ever Politics competition. When announcing the results, the PSA commented, “The judges were particularly impressed with this team’s subject knowledge, especially when they discovered this is the first year the school has taught A-Level Politics.”

Not content with discussing Brexit in the heart of British democracy, the girls were soon able to discuss the topic with the Historian David Starkey, who was at Cobham Hall to give a lecture entitled, “Henry VIII: The First Brexiteer?” Mr Starkey’s lecture could not have and more apt timing than the day Theresa May faced the fall-out from presenting the draft Brexit deal to Cabinet. Mr Starkey’s lecture was witty, fascinating and drew surprising comparisons between today’s situation and Henry VIII break with Rome, and discussed the very foundation and notion of Parliamentary sovereignty.

Cobham Hall’s new Sixth Form Programme offers A Levels alongside elements intended to develop a variety of key skills and character attributes that provide preparation for life after school. These include the Extended Project Qualification, which allow the girls to demonstrate project management, time management, research and organisational skills; the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Service, to develop perseverance, teamwork, community spirit, determination and a variety of additional skills; and sport, to ensure both physical and mental wellbeing is encouraged.

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