BGS Student wins Prestigious Science Blog Prize

BGS Student wins Prestigious Science Blog Prize

4 December 2018

Bedford Girls’ School (BGS) Year 11 student Karissa Singh has won the top blog prize from Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, for her entry on the She Talks Science school blog.

The college have set up the She Talks Science blog to allow young women to engage with others who share their passion for science. Blog entries include contributions from those fascinated by a science project at school, to those involved in pioneering research with international implications.

Karissa’s research, entitled The Invisible Importance of Tears, scientifically investigated the different emotions and responses associated with tears. Did you know that crying plays an important role in alleviating stress? You can read Karissa’s blog here:

Karissa said: “Ever since I was young, I have always been intrigued by science and the human body so this competition was the perfect opportunity to pursue the answers to my own questions through extended research.

“It was only after seeing my own teardrops fall on my hand that I began to question the composition of tears and their purpose for the body. Further research inspired me to write about the prospective medical use of tears and very soon, I had pulled together an idea for my blog entry: The Invisible Importance of Tears.”

Murray Edwards College commented: “Karissa’s piece was extremely thought-provoking and a highly valuable contribution to the blog.”

Mrs Emma Smart, Head of Science at BGS said: “We are extremely proud of Karissa in achieving the top blog prize. The moment when a student makes the connection that Science is so much broader and interrelated than the subjects studied in school, is the moment when many of our girls are inspired to make a difference to the world through Science. I am so pleased that Karissa has started on this journey and hope that she will inspire many more to do so through this blog.”

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