Farnborough Hill unveils a new look

Farnborough Hill unveils a new look

4 January 2019

Farnborough Hill is delighted to release a new look from January 2019. Following a process of reflection and consideration, the decision was taken by governors, Sisters and the senior leadership team to undertake a brand revitalisation to better reflect the ethos and purpose of the school, to create a clear, positive image and a distinctive, memorable identity. Farnborough Hill will continue to be known for its excellence: in terms of pastoral care, academic results, extra-curricular provision, and above all for its sense of a cohesive community. It is a place where girls thrive, are nurtured and allowed to develop their individual character before launching into the world as agents of change.

The new brand is truly representative of the culture and heritage of Farnborough Hill; it was especially important that the Sisters (Religious of Christian Education – RCE) were involved at every stage. The new logo has evolved from elements within the existing badge – the most significant of which was thought to be the bee. The bee is symbolic of community and hard work, and is significant within Christianity too; it is a symbol of the Christian Church because the bee labours for others. Bees are manifest in the Old House because Farnborough Hill was once home to the Empress Eugénie, widow of Napoleon III, and the bee was a Napoleonic emblem. They can be found in the magnificent fireplace of the Lower Refectory and on the beautiful doors, in the Lower Gallery, allegedly taken from The Tuileries Palace. This reinforced the decision to focus on this element.

The heart that surrounds the bee is a reminder that the School is dedicated to the Sacred Heart. It represents the caring, loving environment and underlines the new strapline, ‘Wholeheartedly’. Importantly this was taken from the teachings of the founder of the RCE, Abbé Louis Lafosse, who in 1817 implored that the Order should go forward and serve the Lord ‘joyfully and wholeheartedly’; a mission that has been at the heart of the Sisters’ charism and the School’s ethos. It is a perfect fit for Farnborough Hill and feels wholly true to its heritage.

In addition, Farnborough Hill will continue in its commitment to ‘educating the whole person’ and to this end this phrase will remain on all documentation with the addition of ‘since 1889’. This continues to reinforce the School’s commitment to educating the whole person and nurturing every pupil’s gifts and talents.

The Sixth Form logo features the bee independently which is suggestive of the girls gaining more freedom and autonomy, while still being a vitally important part of the School community.

Former Headmistress and Trustee, Sister Elizabeth McCormack commented: ‘The School is doing so much to keep relevant while holding on to the core of its tradition, foundation, vision and values.’.

The new look was created by MCC Design, an agency based in Oxfordshire which has worked with the School for the past 10 years.

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