St Helen and St Katharine students produce a multi-media map

St Helen and St Katharine students produce a multi-media map

20 January 2019

Year 9 students at St Helen’s traditionally participate in a ‘creative afternoon’ once a year, which gives them the opportunity to explore different art forms and create pieces around a central theme. Whether students see art as one of their strengths or not, it is a fantastic way of bringing a little no-strings-attached creativity into their busy school lives.

On 11 January the students enjoyed creating pieces based on the theme of ‘united/collaboration’.

‘Bringing the title to life we first had a presentation by art historian Elizabeth Rowe who showed us many examples where collaboration in art was used to produce beautiful pieces.

We then split up into a number of different skills workshops. For this we collaborated to make one final picture which was a huge map of Abingdon. This was made with 20 cm square grid sections each made of different materials such as metal, textiles, painting, food, photography/Photoshop, drawing and ceramics. Everyone needed to add the key lines onto their square in the correct place to ensure the whole picture matched up once all the map segments were added together.

At the end of the afternoon every student brought their section to the Science Atrium where the map was reassembled to create a stunning picture made up of all the different materials and interpreted in so many ways.

It was great that no matter if you enjoyed art or not there was something for everyone and we could all be part of it together. Many thanks to all the visiting artists who were so inspiring!’

Harriet and Ella, Year 9

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