Abbot’s Hill School Drama Production of ‘Blood Brothers’

Abbot’s Hill School Drama Production of ‘Blood Brothers’

18 February 2019

Well done to all of the Senior School cast and crew at Abbot’s Hill School who retold the story of ‘Blood Brothers’ for their recent drama production.

Written by Willy Russell, the legendary Blood Brothers tells the captivating story of twins who, separated at birth, grow up in very different households. Mickey is brought up with his seven older siblings by his struggling single mother, Mrs Johnstone. His twin brother, Edward, is raised as the only child of the wealthy Lyons family, who live nearby.

Mickey and Edward meet each other again when they are seven years old and immediately become best friends. However, as they get older, the difference in their backgrounds pulls them apart and leads to fateful consequences.

Miss McLoughlin, Head of Drama at Abbot’s Hill, said “Having the opportunity to create this piece as my first performance here at Abbot’s Hill has been a great pleasure. All of the pupils have shown dedication and passion in each rehearsal and whilst keeping up with the demands of school life, they have ensured to stay on task creating this wonderful play.

Each student has grown in confidence and shown the ability to use improvisation to help build upon their character. Their own twists and characters added into each scene were enjoyed by the audiences.”

The driving force of Abbot’s Hill drama productions has always been the successful collaboration between drama, music and the arts. Congratulations to the fantastic cast, backstage team and staff production team who worked extremely hard to bring the story to life.

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