Chicago: Razzle Dazzle from start to finish at St Mary’s Cambridge!

Chicago: Razzle Dazzle from start to finish at St Mary’s Cambridge!

26 February 2019

800 people attended the sell-out production, which over its 3-night run became the hottest ticket in town.

The highly accomplished cast of 58 was supported by a production team and crew of 51 who provided technical support and creative design which was an impressive evocation of the 1920s. All the roles were brilliantly played by girls, including that of the suave and persuasive attorney, Billy Flynn and the down-trodden husband, Amos, with the actors capturing male physicality to such effect that many of the audience were asking if these ‘young men’ had been drafted in. There were stellar performances by Molly as Roxie and Ava as Velma whose singing and dancing brought an astounding maturity and energy to their portrayal of these “scintillating sinners”. The achievements of the leads were enhanced by an ensemble whose energetic, highly stylised and impeccably synchronised dance routines made the most of an angular art-deco set which encased the on-stage jazz musicians brilliantly underscoring the action.

For the director of the show, Esther Roberts, this production has been “one of the most enjoyable experiences of my directorial career. The girls were on such an incredible high after the show which was fabulous to witness; seeing Molly, who starred as Roxie, breaking apart her bouquet of flowers to distribute single roses to cast members truly expressed the camaraderie and spirit amongst them all. It’s been an absolute blast!”

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