‘Two handfuls of parent huggles & a good night’s sleep…’

‘Two handfuls of parent huggles & a good night’s sleep…’

8 February 2019

Portsmouth High School has embraced a week of positivity encouraging both pupils and staff to reaffirm their commitment to both mental and physical health.

There were a variety of events throughout the week including a singalong, magic and mystery event, Zumba, yoga and mindfulness sessions, all offering a welcome chance for relaxation during the busy day.

A ‘Positivity Tree’ in the Senior School Reception has provided much food for thought. Girls and staff have hung labels with positive messages ranging from, ‘Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder’ to ‘You can’t have the flowers without the rain.’

‘Giving postcards and writing messages of kindness to others was a lovely way to spread some positivity,’ said Sofia, 13. ‘Giving compliments to other people is so easy to continue after this week has ended,’ added Olivia 14.

At the Prep School girls also took part in a range of wellbeing activities from handing out positive postcards in Southsea to writing their own recipes about wellbeing; ‘Two handfuls of parent huggles & a good night’s sleep…’ wrote one and ‘a spoonful of sunshine and two handfuls of relaxation,’ wrote another.

‘You cannot help but smile when doing a Zumba routine in the sports hall,’ said Mrs Hostler, Teacher of Psychology at Portsmouth High School. ‘This was superbly led by some of the sixth form girls, one of the many activities included to boost wellbeing for staff and students this week.’

‘Writing positive things about life helps you to be cheerful in the dark winter months,’ added Mrs Price, Teacher of Religious Studies. ‘It reminds us what we like about life at school. Painting and other creative work prevents negative thoughts entering. Wellbeing and positivity week has been great fun. Reminding us to smile and enjoy the little things in life.’

Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott, added: ‘The girls and staff have embraced positive week and will hopefully continue with the sense of wellbeing as the weeks continue. The positivity tree in reception highlights the great views that our girls have. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.’

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