12 x 4 = 48 primary girls explore mathematics at Portsmouth High School

12 x 4 = 48 primary girls explore mathematics at Portsmouth High School

20 March 2019

Portsmouth High School hosted twelve local primary and junior schools for a Mathematics Challenge Day.

The schools taking part were: Cottage Grove, Emsworth, Fernhurst, Hambledon, Jessie Young Husband, Lyndhurst, Newbridge, Oakwood, Solent Juniors, St Jude’s, Westbourne House and Portsmouth High Prep School.

The visiting girls from Years 5 and 6 were faced with some stretching mathematics challenges covering numeracy, shape and space activities including group rounds where they had to collaboratively answer questions and relay rounds where basic algebra, amongst other skills, was required.

‘The day is about having fun doing mathematics,’ said Mr Paul Goldbrum, Head of Mathematics at Portsmouth High School. ‘It gives girls the chance to apply their mathematical skills to a wide range of differing challenges. This stretches and develops their thinking to be able to see complex numbers in a different light. With the guidance of Portsmouth High School Year 10 girls, they have been encouraged to think beyond their comfort zones.’

Mrs Furby, from Newbridge Primary School, said:

‘The girls have enjoyed a good variety of activities. They have increased their confidence with the questions they knew and have been challenged by the questions that they didn’t know. It is great to see them having fun with maths.’

Mrs Laura Peterkin-Aldred, a teacher from Solent Junior School and an alumna of Portsmouth High School, added:

‘This has been a lovely opportunity for strong and confident girls from across the city to come together to challenge themselves across a wide range of maths problems. Personally, for me, it has been a lovely chance to come back and see the school which has brought back a wealth of fond memories.’

Portsmouth High School’s Year 10 pupils were each allocated a school to mentor.

Alice, 10, from Hambledon Primary said:

‘I have really enjoyed the day and especially the logic problems. It has been hard but really fun.’ Halle from Hambledon added: ‘Nabila from Portsmouth High has made the day even more fun.’

Tilly Barker, 15, from Portsmouth High School said:

‘It was fun to get to know the girls and work with them. The girls from Newbridge were really smart and it certainly challenged my maths.’

The day finished with a mathematics relay with a selection of puzzles involving shape, space and logic questions, where speed was essential, and the ability to stay on your feet.

The winning team was Oakwood with Lyndhurst coming in a very close second.

Mr Richard Bax, from Oakwood, who accompanied the girls, said:

‘The girls have relished the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with the interesting mathematical problems. It has been a great event.’

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