Exciting Experiments for Science Week at Bolton School

Exciting Experiments for Science Week at Bolton School

14 March 2019

The Girls’ Division commemorated Science Week 2019 with a session organised by Dr Christie, one of the School’s physics teachers. Pupils in Years 10 and 11 helped to guide younger girls through a wide range of science activities in one of the laboratories during a lunchtime.

They spent their time creating a tame tornado inside two connected bottles, trying to get the Cartesian Diver to rise to the surface, hovering ping-pong balls over hairdryers, forming a cloud inside a bottle, crafting straw ‘oboes’ and making dramatic images on watch glasses using milks, food colouring and oil. They also tried picking up a bottle of rice using nothing but a pencil, investigated sound waves using an iron rack, watched cornflour dance on a speaker, made ‘balloon kebabs’ and saw how raisins react when placed in lemonade. Pupils could even explore the effects of static electricity with a Van de Graaff generator!

Each of the activities invited pupils to try out the experiment to see it in action and also provided an explanation of the fascinating science behind the fun.

Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed taking part and didn’t want the lunchtime to end.

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