Let’s go fly a kite… Musical Theatre at Downe House

Let’s go fly a kite… Musical Theatre at Downe House

6 March 2019

Starting with a series of warm-up exercises, the girls were then split into groups and headed off to their workshops where they learned the songs from Mary Poppins, practiced dance routines, mastered their lines, rehearsed their scenes and ran through the running order of the production. Without exception, the girls were eager to learn and willing to embrace the spirit of the day and this really showed in the final performance which many of their parents attended.

We would like to thank Chandlings, Eaton House, Fulham Prep, Marlston House, Oratory Prep and Rupert House, Edge Grove and Knightsbridge Prep for bringing their girls to Downe House for the day, and to their staff for all their support with learning the songs in advance of the day.

Director of Drama and Dance, Mrs Kirsty Richardson said, “The Day of Musical Theatre was designed to give prep school-age children a glimpse of what it is like to create, rehearse and perform in a production at Downe House. They have worked in groups with our fantastic team of drama and dance teachers to create a musical theatre performance. The enthusiasm and energy that they brought to every activity was phenomenal and they should be incredibly proud of what they achieved in a day. I would like to thank the staff at Downe House for their commitment and dedication to making the whole day happen!”

The Prep Schools’ Day of Musical Theatre is part of a series of ‘Experience Downe House’ events and outreach sessions designed to share the expertise of our teachers with prep schools and to give a taster of what makes a Downe House education so special.

View the photos from the Prep Schools’ Day of Musical Theatre here https://flic.kr/s/aHsmBk8bbi

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