Mentoring Programme for Prospective Leaders – Second cohort

Behind every successful woman is a mentor  – get yours now!

  • Ever get the feeling you could be out there, leading the troops?
  • Do you have a team but struggle to inspire them?
  • Are you spending too much time pleasing people at the expense of your goals?
  • How do you balance home life with the demands of your job?

Being a leader is fraught with pitfalls. You want to do a good job but not at the expense of your relationships with staff or peers. You can talk over your problems with friends and family, but what you really need is someone who can give you impartial, experienced advice that won’t just make you feel better – it will help you perform better.

That’s where a good mentor comes in.

The GSA has teamed up with Bright Field Consulting to bring you a specially-devised mentoring programme for future women leaders. Join up, and we’ll pair you with a high-performing mentor who has been there, got the t-shirt and can give you the tools and confidence to navigate every aspect of leadership.

Who is it for?
The programme is aimed at would-be senior leaders and prospective heads. Any aspiring leader can join – you don’t have to be aiming for headship.

Who will my mentor be?
All our mentors are high-level leaders working in, or recently retired from, industry, the professional services, charities or the public sector. They are fully trained mentors but not head teachers – deliberately so, as the emphasis is on developing the kind of leadership qualities that are common to all good leaders.

How does it work?
We pair you with a counterpart from a state school and you are each assigned the same mentor. Separately, you meet once a term for two years to discuss your concerns in complete confidence. You also meet with your counterpart to compare notes and jointly work on a project for your local community: this is designed to enable each of you to apply your leadership in a local context.

Before that, everyone – including mentors – is profiled using the Insights Discovery model. This optimises our ability to create positive mentor/mentee assignments. Before you meet, we ask you to read and sign up to our rules of engagement.

What does it cost?
The cost per participant is £650 plus VAT for four terms.

When does the programme begin?

The next cohort starts after Easter 2019 and will run for four terms to Summer 2020. The deadline for applying is 10 May 2019.

How do I join?
Nominations should be made direct to Ian Wigston at Bright Field Consulting,, by completing the application form.

REMEMBER: behind every successful woman is a mentor – get yours now!

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