Royal Lecture – From bionic legs to cell separation equipment

Royal Lecture – From bionic legs to cell separation equipment

12 March 2019

On Monday 25 February, both Year 11 and Sixth Form students attended a Royal Lecture by Professor Michael Hughes. He was inspired to a life in science by the popular TV series ‘Cosmos’, in which the presenter looked at the interconnected nature of the different aspects of science.

Faced with a choice at degree level between Engineering and Life Sciences, he chose the former but was able to reunite them post-graduation in his postdoctoral study of a newly emerging field of bioelectronics. Professor Hughes was appointed as a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Surrey in 1999, rising to the rank of Professor by 2008, during which time he has become very distinguished in the field of bioelectronics; publishing over 70 journal papers on the topic, as well as two books and five patents.

Lower Sixth students, Yuriy and Isabel,commented: “It was particularly fascinating to hear how technology and state of the art engineering from innovative minds can transform a person’s life. From bionic legs and artificial eyes to cell separation equipment and the complexity of cochlea implant design. Evidently, the sphere of biomedical engineering not only involves in-depth knowledge of the human body, but also the ability to make strides in productivity and overall effectiveness by building machines. It was a privilege to welcome him to The Royal School and we are very grateful to him for giving up his time to speak to us about some of the breakthroughs and influential developments in biomedical engineering.”

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