St Catherine’s Storms to Victory in the 2019 National Lacrosse Finals

St Catherine’s Storms to Victory in the 2019 National Lacrosse Finals

6 March 2019

Despite atrocious wind and rain, St Catherine’s lacrosse teams battled on to victory in an exciting finale to this year’s Lacrosse season. By the end of the tournament three St Catherine’s teams had become 2019 National Champions: the 2nd and 3rd teams and the U15As. There were successes right across the board as St Catherine’s fielded teams at every level from elite national team players right through to those girls who just play because they love the sport and the camaraderie, testament to St catherine’s belief in ‘sport for all’.

One of the lacrosse parents expressed it as follows:

‘A huge thank you for the amazing lacrosse experience the U15s have had this year from the lax tour to winning Nationals which was obviously the icing on the cake.

However, as enjoyable as the winning was, there were other aspects of this year that made me very grateful to you as teachers and St Cats for the sporting ethos it encourages. These points stand out for me:

• Enjoyment and participating in sport – the success of your 2nds and 3rds teams and the fact 4ths and 5ths exist is just an incredible credit to St Cats and the way the girls are encouraged at all levels and how much they enjoy being part of a team.

• Encouragement of hardwork and determination – Watching someone like Olivia Dixon strive and work hard to reach the A team finally in L5. There are many schools where movement up is impossible and I just love the fact she finally made the A team and seeing her confidence grow this year has been a joy.

• Teamwork and responsibility – those girls have learnt that in spades – from self run team practices, pasta meals and hair plaiting – they are in no doubt that a team that works together achieves more than the sum of its parts

Well done girls!

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