20 May 2019

Farnborough Hill is a forward-thinking, dynamic School which seeks excellence in the education of young women: it is a place where girls thrive, are nurtured and allowed to develop their individual character before launching into the world as agents of change.

The green striped blazer and six-gore skirt has been the subject of negative comments for some time: the girls, the parental body and the public have all expressed dislike for the look. The parental survey of 2016 reinforced that it was time for the uniform to change.

Schoolblazer promised to deliver a ‘fabulous’ new uniform. Heritage and quality were at the forefront of the designers’ minds, while the pupils stressed the importance of Farnborough Hill remaining a green school; the purple was also crucial to them.

Deputy Head Girl, Sophie, was involved throughout the process, ‘Trying to create something that’s inclusive and will suit everyone is not an easy task, but I think with this new uniform it has been achieved.’

Teacher Katriona Pengelly commented, ‘It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside the School Council and other members of staff on the uniform project. It really was lovely to see girls of different year groups work so well together to represent their peers. They certainly weren’t shy about voicing their opinions but every opinion mattered. The result is a fantastic new uniform tailored to the needs of a Farnborough Hill girl.’

The tweed blazer has threads of both purple and green woven throughout, with the soft moleskin collar matching the navy skirt. A smart pale purple three-quarter sleeve shirt completes the look, with a sage jumper trimmed with a navy neckline. The uniform will be worn with black shoes and either black tights or black ankle socks. The sports kit uses brighter tones of green and cerise on a navy background to ensure the girls are distinctive and vibrant among their competitors.

The feedback following the launch has been brilliant: the smart blending of heritage tweed with a crisp, modern shirt has proven extremely popular with the girls.

Sister Elizabeth McCormack commented, ‘I am delighted to see that the new school uniform maintains the balance between tradition and change. It is very attractive, modern and distinctive and I am sure the pupils will enjoy wearing it.’

This project has been collaborative, imaginative and exciting. It has given Farnborough Hill the opportunity to reflect on what makes it most special, allowing the School to rejoice in its heritage and look to the future with confidence.

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