Portsmouth High School hosts American themed Baking Day for local primaries

Portsmouth High School hosts American themed Baking Day for local primaries

15 May 2019

Surrounded by the delicious aromas of freshly baking bread, girls in Year 5 from Emsworth, Oakwood, Sheet, St John’s Catholic and St Jude’s Primary Schools came to Portsmouth High School for an American themed baking day.

The girls spent the day in the state of the art Food Technology facility learning how to follow recipes, measure ingredients and knead dough culminating in making loaves of bread, rolls, scones, tortillas and pretzels. The day was led by Portsmouth High School’s Mr George Tinsley who passed on top tips for bread making and secrets of his success in American baking. The girls followed instructions closely by using the high-tech demonstration projection cameras.

Mr George Tinsley said:

‘Today’s bakers took on some very advanced challenges and their results looked totally professional. As it was an American Baking day, I was particularly pleased to introduce a whole new generation to the Southern-style “sausage biscuits” that I grew up with.’

Sophia from Sheet Primary School said:

‘I haven’t done much cooking at home before and it was so much fun to be taught simple recipes that were really tasty.’

Mrs Blair from Oakwood School added:

‘It has been an absolutely fabulous day and all the girls have had the opportunity to cook different recipes away from the norm and it has given them a wonderful experience.’

The girls then put their new skills into practice and made their own loaves of bread and knot shaped rolls as well as tortillas and pretzels which they enjoyed at lunchtime and as healthy snacks through the day.

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